CrossFit Worthy – CrossFit


*Monster walk band series

*10 Goblet Squats w/band

12 HVY swings

12 Push ups

12 Ring Rows


Snatch Warm-up (A) (No Measure)

4 High Hang Power Snatch (HHPSn)

4 Hang Power Snatch (HPSn)

4 Snatch 1st Pull (Sn1)

4 Power Snatch (PSn) + Snatch Balance (SNB)


1): Snatch 1st pull (:03 pause at knee) + HPSn + HSn + OHS (5x(1+1+1+1); @ 80%; 2:00 Rest)

If while warming up you find 80% to be too challenging, use a lower percentage.

2A): Back Squat (5×4; @ 72.5%; 1:30 rest)

Last set, push a few extra reps if they are there. If you slow down, stop. No where near failure.

2B): Push Ups (5-7 reps; Immediately after each set of squats)

Last set push out as many Push Ups as possible.


3): Thruster (EMOM x 10:00; 2 Thrusters)

*Start at empty bar, build to the heaviest possible.

Strength Accessory

D): Metcon (Weight)

3 sets of:

14 Supine Ring Rows

14 Good Mornings w/ 30% of BS or less


Tabata Flutter kicks
This should all take 10:00 or less.

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