Summer Schedule to start May 4th!

Our new summer schedule rolls out this coming Monday!! With this transition we are able to bringing you all more value to your time here at CrossFit Worthy. I’d like to take some time to explain what will be happening starting Monday, so everyone is aware.

You will notice that we are getting rid of the half hour in between classes and running classes back to back. We will be handling this by tightening up the programming and getting rid of the “fluff”. Same workouts and programming you guys’ love, just ran a little tighter. We have also cleared out the back corner where the jerk blocks and sleds used to be. This area will now be utilized as a dedicated warm-up/cool-down area. That way there will be no interference or distractions with classes as they finish up or get started. There will be a couple rows for your convenience, in the warm-up area, but with the nice weather  running is always a good idea! Along with this we ask you to please clear out by no later than 15:00 after your class has ended, to keep from distracting or pulling away from the current class.

With the new added class time availabilities we should see the class sizes shrink which will allow for a more personal coach/athlete experience, along with a more streamlined training process. The new extra class time will also allow for new programs like the gymnastics class, and in the works is an OLY class (Olympic weightlifting), and open gym which will be discussed as we get closer to their respective release dates.

We hope you all enjoy these new improvements and the value that it will bring to your training here at CrossFit Worthy!

You can find the previous posting about the Summer Schedule here.

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