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Worthy Programming

So now that we have gone through week 1 of 5 of this short cycle, I will give a quick description of exactly what and why we are doing what we are doing. If you didn’t already know, I program the training at CrossFit Worthy to coincide with The CrossFit Games season. I realize thaDSC_0236t the majority of Worthy-ers could care less about actually going to the big show, but I do know that you expect programming with goals in mind that will deliver results. I know this because you wouldn’t be training at Worthy if you didn’t. But the season gives us something to periodize the training towards so that we make continued progress and don’t just end up doing the same things over and over. You can only make gains in so many things at one time.

So, the goal for this five-week cycle is to make as much body-composition change as possible. By body composition change I mean fat-loss, muscle gain/retention. This is being accomplished by trying to throw higher intensity/lower volume conditioning at you. Basically think high intensity interval training. Everything is programmed in the hopes of eliciting a huge hormonal response to drop body fat and keep lean muscle mass. The secondary goal is to introduce more higher-level gymnastic progressions (skills). So this is how each week breaks down:

Monday – 20rm Back Squat + Longer Duration, Heavier Barbell Complex

Tuesday – Gymnastics Based Skill + Bodyweight HIIT Intervals

Wednesday – High Intensity Benchmark

Thursday – Active Rest/Aerobic Power, Capacity + Mobility

Friday – High Intensity Oly and Deadlift + CP Battery

Saturday – Sprint Intervals

Sunday – REST

Now that you know what to expect, your only job is to come in and give it your very best effort. Hit the final 4 weeks of this cycle hard, eat well, and let’s see where we are at the end of all this! -Coach Jeremy

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