CrossFit Worthy – CrossFit


Jerk Footwork

Jerk Grid

Split no dip x4

Split w/ dip x4

Split no dip bar OH x4

Split w/ dip bar OH x4


3 Shave and Recieve

3 Pull Unders

3 1st Pulls + High Hang Power Clean

3 Hang Power Clean @ lower thigh

3 Jerk


1): High Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean @ mid thigh + Jerk (55-65% x [1+1+1+1] x 5; E2M)


2): Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

:20 on/ :10 off x 32 Rounds


Air squats

Ball Slams

Air Bike
Move as fast as possible.

Strength Accessory

*Kb Swings – 8-8-8-8-8 124/88#; EMOM

*Hollow Rocks; Tabata

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