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CrossFit Worthy – CrossFit


5 Goblet Squats w/ Band

10 OHS w/ Band

10 Banded Good Mornings


1): Overhead Squat (5×2; E2M; )

Start where ever and build as you see fit. Keep sets fast!

2): Sumo Deadlift (5×2; E2M; )

Start at a weight that feels a little heavy, build as you see fit. Keep sets fast!


3): Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 Pull Ups

25 Front Squats 185/135# or 50-60%

If you need to do strict Pull ups, change the reps to:

30 Pull Ups

15 Front Squats
10:00 Time Cap

Strength Accessory

You have 15:00 to get through:

*MU Transitions: 10

*Ring Pull Ups – 3×10

*Ring Dips – 3×10

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