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CFW Etiquette

Here is a general list of simple etiquette for CFW!

  • I am rather confident that every single person likes some sort of weightlifting here. Maybe you have a favorite lift, for most people it’s the Back squat. Whatever your favorite lift is, it is so important to be safe while moving that weight. We are not only concerned in how you move while performing a squat or other lift, but also how we move around as other are performing these lifts. Before you walk over to get weights, put equipment away, or grab a drink from the water fountain, be aware of those that are lifting. If you have to walk behind someone squatting, wait until they are done and then go for it. The same rule applies to anyone doing a snatch or clean and jerk. It’s all about safety and feeling comfortable with one’s surroundings when lifting. If someone has to bail out of a lift, you definitely do not want to be behind or in front of him or her when they do. Injuries that could happen from an instance like this are 100% avoidable and are avoided by being aware, focused and respectable of those lifting around you!
  • We take pride in CFW and we can tell that you do too! If you see something that isn’t working right, please bring it to our attention! We love having the best equipment for you, but if we don’t know something is broken we cannot fix it for you! Please help keep our equipment top notch!
  • Please keep wet shoes from getting the turf and rubber mats wet. The rubber mats get very slippery when wet, and the turf stays wet for a long time!
  • Wodify is one of our most useful tools here at CFW. It keeps track of our lifting numbers and reoccurring workouts to see improvements, keeps track of your attendance and your memberships, and allows you to sign up for whatever classes you’d like to attend!
  • Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of using Wodify:
    • Please DO:
      • Sign up/Register for classes ahead of time ✔
        • This allows coaches the ability to plan head with any changes or modifications that are necessary. It is also helpful to make sure we have enough equipment for all.
      • Cancel if you’re unable to attend the class you’re registered for.
        • By not cancelling your reservation and no showing, it creates a spot in class that could have been taken by someone else if the class is full. It is also very helpful to the coaches to know who is coming to which class so we can be prepared for you.
      • Add a payment method (Credit Card, Bank Account, Check, etc.)
        • For membership payments and easy merchandise check out.
        • Allows for On-time payments without late fees.
        • Allow 2 weeks for any changes to be made to your membership.
      • Please DO NOT:
        • No Show (if you cannot attend, cancel your reservation)
        • Be tardy for class.
          • Please be warmed up and on-time for your class. If you are late, the coach can ask you to return to a later class. This is out of respect for the other athletes in the class that were there on-time and are ready to train.

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