What all Worthy Athletes should know

  • Group Classes: Be on time, generally warmed up, and prepared before the class starts, using the warm up area. Each class will incorporate a specific warm up, strength, and metcon/WOD/workout. Ask questions, pay attention; you will feel ‘lost’ in the beginning, but that is very normal!
  • Scaling movements: No one starts out knowing everything or able to do everything. The truth is, we’re all in a state of scaling. Accidents, injuries, and lack of progress usually happen as a result of impatience. Leave your ego at the door and do what you are capable of at this point in training.
  • Attrition Rate: Your body will become accustomed to this type of training. You will start to recover more quickly and will not always be super sore or dead for hours after your workout. You can help this go faster by doing some mobility, eating better, and getting adequate sleep.
  • Ask Questions!!!!!!!!
  • Ask Questions: It’s on here twice, because it’s that important! If you don’t understand something during the group talk, ask! It will make you a better athlete and it’ll save time later in the class!
  • Mobility & Flexibility: Keep your soft tissues healthy and working properly by foam rolling/smashing and stretching on a daily basis. Let a Coach know before your class if you have aches and pains, they can help!
  • Use Wodify: sign up for classes and cancel if you cannot attend, this helps the Coaches prepare for their time with you. Track your progress by entering information after each workout. Add a payment method, doing this will ensure no late payment fees and ease of purchasing merchandise!
  • Memberships: All monthly memberships are on an automatic renewal, every 30 days. If any changes need to be made to that membership a 2-week notice is necessary. If no notice is given a fee will be added. If you will be gone for more than 2 weeks, we allow you to put a ‘hold’ on your account.
  • Safety: CrossFit involves some form of weightlifting nearly everyday. It is important to be safe while moving that weight. We are not only concerned about in how you move while performing a lift, but also how we move around others as they are lifting. If you have to walk behind someone squatting, wait until they are done. It’s all about safety and feeling comfortable with one’s surroundings when lifting. If someone has to bail out of a lift, you definitely do not want to be behind or in front of him or her. Injuries that could happen from an instance like this are 100% avoidable and are avoided by being aware, focused and respectable of those around you!
  • Pride: We take pride in our facility and equipment and can tell that you do too! If you see something that isn’t working right, or needs care, please bring it to our attention. We love having the best equipment for you and want to continue to do so in the future! This includes wearing dry/clean shoes.
  • Worthy Strong: Every workout ends eventually so suck it up and dig deep in the mean time.
  • Leilani Alexander: Leilani is the nicest person to have ever existed. She will be contacting you from time to time to check in and see how you are doing!

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