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What’s Ahead

Post Test week and what’s next

Last week was the culmination of all the hard work put in over the past 12 weeks that resulted in some pretty impressive increases in overall 1-rep maxes of your lifts. I ran the PR report through Wodify and found that there were 293 reported weightlifting PR’s and there were increases recorded everywhere from 5# to 120#! Nice work everyone!

I would like you to look back at the past 12 weeks and really take the time to reflect on all the work you put forth in order to make those PR’s happen. We can’t just test each week and expect to be stronger or your maxes to magically go up. You have to work, and work hard consistently. That’s how iron is forged. It is put through the fire, and relentlessly beaten until it is shaped and sharpened. All those reps of heavy squats, the rep maxes of push press; each day of training built you up to destroy PR’s like you did.

Again, take the time to look back. Be proud of what you accomplished, and know that you are capable of anything. You just have to put in the work.

Now this brings us to where we are currently. We are now looking forward to what’s next, what is on the horizon. We are shifting gears a bit and focusing on some new goals for the next 12 weeks. During this “Post Season” cycle our goals will be as follows: Positions, Skills, Hypertrophy, Aerobic Base, Simple and Nasty CrossFit.

  • Positions: Now is the time to take some weight back off the bar and focus on how we are moving the bar. Think of this as laying the foundation for a skyscraper. The more robust our foundation is (positions) the bigger we can build (more weight).


  • Skills: We will continue to build the skills that are lacking. Think double-unders, kipping movements, muscle ups, rope climbs, and handstands (walking).


  • Hypertrophy: Along with dropping the weight down to work on positions, we are also focusing on trying to build bigger muscles. Muscles are awesome! They look good, they make you perform, and they use up extra energy to keep excess fat stores low. Lower weight (around 60-70%) for 6-12 reps is the hypertrophy prescription. So you will see light loads for increasing volume (sets and reps) throughout the next few weeks. Along with bigger muscles, hypertrophy work will help build stronger tendons, ligaments, and help to bullet proof your joints and body. Look good, feel good!


  • Aerobic base: The aerobic system is the foundation of your energy system work, or the ability for your body to produce energy. Think cardio. But we will be doing more than just the normal Thursday work (WHICH IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR PERFORMANCE AND HEALTH, STOP SKIPPING IT) your WODs will focus on being more aerobic. Allowing you to do more work without having to stop to rest or stop due to lactic build up.


  • Simple and Nasty CrossFit:  Think of last Saturday. 5 rounds. 21 DU, 15 K2E, 9 DL. Simple, devastating, and nasty. The stuff that CrossFit was built on. The put-you-on-your-back-gasping-for-air, type of workout. Besides the huge positive hormonal hit, these are just fun to do, and will make you stupid fit!

All of this will be laid out threw a week in this template:

new prog

So if the coaches ask you to take some weight away, know that it is because we want to make sure you are getting the desired effect. We are focusing on making you jacked, healthy, and impeccable movers. Keep the weights low, work hard, and build your foundation. Onward and Upward!


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