Sunday Swimming

We’re super excited to announce a specialty class being offered this summer: SWIMMING!

This class will meet once a week for four weeks, June 5th-26th, at 4pm, on Sundays. We have reserved pool time at the Rose Pool on CMU’s campus right next to the SAC for our sessions, which will last 1 hour. This specialty program costs $100 and space is very limited! (Sign up now!!)Conner

This course will be coached by our very own Conner Edelbrock! Conner is a very
accomplished collegiate swimmer who swam the 500 freestyle, 200 freestyle, and 800 freestyle relay at Denison University. Basically she is a total bad ass in the water, and you should feel very confident that you’re in good hands.

Swimming is becoming a staple of the CrossFit Games and is a great component to add to any training.  It’s fun, challenging, and a very useful skill asset to have. Swimming works multiple muscle groups and is good for developing strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.  Many CrossFit movements translate to swimming such as explosiveness, rhythmic coordination, and core stability.

The purpose of this class is to become more efficient in the water.  We will focus on
becoming more skilled in freestyle by focusing on flutter kick, rhythmic breathing, balance/rotation, and stroke technique.  Connor will teach you how to make stroke
corrections and what drills to focus on to optimize your freestyle.

Don’t be worried thinking this class is not for you. If you have even the smallest thought of interest, you should do it! No prior swimming experience or equipment are necessary, however, participants should be comfortable treading water, being in water over thir head (The deepest part of the pool is 14 feet deep), able to put their face in the water, and complete 25 yards (1 length) of the pool on their belly or back without touching the bottom.  Goggles (and swim suits) are highly recommended!

Swimming experience, as an athlete and coach, of Conner Edelbrock:Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 5.29.51 PM

  • 2004-2008, College Varsity Swim Team
  • 2004, NCAA All-American
  • American Red Cross, Water Safety Instructor
  • 16 years of competitive swimming experience
  • 10 years of swim instructor experience
  • 3 years of swim coaching experience for youth, high school, and master’s levels.
    – 2003 & 2004, High School All-American
    – 2003 & 2004, Pennsylvania State AAA Champion

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