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Intro to Endurance

Intro2Endurance     By Coach Brock

6-week endurance program starting Sept. 19! Meeting Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 7:30p-9p. Cost is $162.

What is I2E?

I2E is a 6-week program designed for CrossFitters interested in improving their running prowess. This will be accomplished through what I consider to be the 4 main areas of running performance: Strategy, Cardiovascular/Muscular Endurance, Efficiency, and Muscle Memory. Each session will target one or more of these areas and will be accompanied by a short informational portion.

Why Running?

            CrossFit has proven to be effective training for developing muscular and cardiovascular endurance. However, running remains a major weakness for CrossFitters without prior running experience. Running for 30+ minutes may be simple in theory, but it is much easier said than done.

What will a typical session look like?

Most days will consist of Teaching Time with me, where you will learn how to run and enhance your running ability. After Teaching Time, you will perform the running WOD (to include warm-up, prescribed work, and a cool-down). We will often travel off-site to go run. Our days will end with the opportunity to ask questions about what you’ve learned.

So what are the workouts?

            Development within the 4 main areas of running performance requires a variety of different workouts. Each workout serves a unique purpose. You will see: longer sustained running sessions, repetition runs at given paces, time-trial runs, and fun runs. All workouts will be explained in greater detail during our teaching times, and you can expect to be well prepared for each run.

More about the Coach



            I was first introduced to distance running in middle school, when I joined the cross-country team. Since then, I have accumulated 10+ years of distance running experience, running everything from the mile race to a road marathon and a 297-mile team trail rac

This is my 4th year as a CrossFit athlete. My time with CrossFit has shown me how the needs of CrossFitters and cross-country runners differ. I plan to share a mixture of running theory and my own experience as an athlete.

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