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You Are Not a Number

You Are Not A Number

Sometimes we allow numbers to rule our life and determine our self-worth.

The number on the bathroom scale.
The size of your jeans.
The number of calories you eat.
The weight on the barbell.

I’ve spent the majority of my life letting numbers dictate how I feel about myself;

If the number on the scale was lower, maybe I would feel beautiful.
If I could fit into a smaller pair of jeans, maybe other people would like me more.
If I could restrict my calories more, maybe I would feel less insecure.
If only I could back squat like those other girls, maybe I would feel strong.

These are just numbers. They are not who you are. Don’t let the number on the scale ruin your day. Don’t let your jean size destroy your confidence. Don’t let a few extra calories make you feel like a failure. Don’t let your position on the whiteboard kill your spirit.

Obsessing about numbers can lead to self destructive thoughts. YOU are more than a number. Numbers have a place. They can help us record and track our progress, but they are not the only measures of health and wellbeing. Never allow a number define who you are.

By Conner Edelbrock

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