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Wodify –> ZenPlanner

As many of you already know from the announcement on our private Facebook page, we are switching from Wodify to ZenPlanner for our gym software. We are very excited about this switch for many reasons.

Wodify has been a wonderful tool for us to use for the past 3 years, it has all the bells and whistles that we like and need. However, the cost of service and processing fees have causes us to look elsewhere. While on the search for a system that was functional for us without a lot of fluff and things we don’t need, we found ZenPlanner! ZenPlanner is simple to use and will help us in the areas that Wodify was lacking, like online scheduling for Personal Training and a schedule that integrates into our website! ZenPlanner’s service and processing fees are lower as well, which means, we can spend that money in areas that need improvement!

We are going to make this very easy and painless for you! Please follow the simple instructions below:

  • Nov 21st-27th is transition week. Familiarize yourself with ZenPlanner this week, but continue to schedule classes through Wodify.
    • If you have Stored Credit for merchandise, use it! This cannot be transferred over!
  • Nov 28th (Monday) we will only use ZenPlanner. Wodify will not be available.
    • Don’t Worry! We’re working on getting your strength data transferred as well!
  • All your information, such as profile and membership is already in ZenPlanner. The only thing that is not is your payment information.
    • You can either add a bank account/ACH online under your profile or we can do it for you. Drop off a voided check, or write down your routing and account number!
    • It costs us 3X MORE to process a debit/credit card transaction!!! (Not kidding. I can show you the math if you’re interested). With that being said, PLEASE USE A BANK ACCOUNT for your automatic monthly payments!
    • You will not have access to register for classes in ZenPlanner until your payment information is updated in ZenPlanner.
  • Other than specific strength data, which we are doing, you have this transition week to download your data from Wodify, if you are interested.
    • Wodify > My Performance > Select what info you want > All Time (or other date) > Export. That’s it. Then you’ll have it forever!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Change isn’t always good, but this time it is!

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