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Stronger Together

I am not the best with words, especially through written text.  And I have used that as a crutch for most of my adult life/career.  But to be the leader I know I am; to help others the way I want too and to the best of my ability, I must swallow my ego and just do it.

The last week has been heavy on my heart and mind.  To be honest, racism never directly affected me. Growing up I had friends of different races, and we treated each other the same…equal and fair, as friends. My friends never talked to me directly about how they felt and I never asked, so I didn’t think racism/inequality was a true issue.  It wasn’t until I was out of college and helping people through Worthy that I saw the injustices that are still rampant in our society.

 I have seen the hardships in the people I coach, teach, and help.  I think back to my experience with college.  To be honest, I stumbled into college.  No one really talked to me about it; I just applied to CMU because I was following my cousin and sister.  I found a major I thought I’d like, got some loans and off I went.  

But, through Worthy, I have had the privilege and wonderfully amazing opportunity to work with the McNair Scholarship students at CMU.  These students fought tooth and nail to get into school, to get scholarships and grants, to be the first in their families to got to college, let alone pursue Doctorates!

It is NOT ok what is still going on in our society today. Racism, violence, inequality, and injustice have NO place in our lives. Our vision, mission, and values at Worthy are clear, inclusive, and supportive. 

Worthy was built to empower the performance and goals of all genders and races.  We’re a band of brothers and sisters working together to realize the full extent of everyone’s potential.  To push each other, support each other, rally and celebrate each other.

We stand with those fighting for change.  We will work everyday to be better.  To learn, listen, support, & be allies to our brothers and sisters of colors.

We are STRONGER together.  We are WORTHY.

-Jeremy Worthington

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