Benchmark Monday! It smells like Monday, not sure what that means, but whatever…. SWOD- Box squats 5×3 30 seconds rest between sets                Ring pull ups 3×10   WOD-  “CINDY”               AMRAP in 20 minutes:              5 pull […]


Power Snatch!! No, no, no it’s not an 80’s hair band, although it would be a pretty awesome name for a band.  Today we will be performing a variation of the Olympic lift, the snatch.  When executed correctly it looks like this, click here.  Let’s finish this week with a ton of awesome!!     […]


Getting busy!! It seems that it is late post time again.  But it’s always better late than never right?  So here is a picture of Brock Lesnar back squatting a shark for your enjoyment!                 SWOD- Band bell bench press 3×10 WOD- Death by squat clean & jerk. […]


New Shoes??                 If you guys are looking to get your next pair of shoes for training, please do not over look the golden boys by Converse. The Converse Chuck Taylor’s are fairly inexpensive (compared to other “training” shoes) and far better performing than any other training shoe […]


Better late than never…. Sorry for the late post guys, been a busy last couple days!! SWOD- Weighted pull-ups 3 x max reps                pull-up negatives 2 x 3   WOD-    4 rounds:              {dot drills}              400m […]


Hi All! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! The weather is beautiful, but my goodness, is it HOT!!! I think everyone started sweating before the warm-up even began today! Great job to all for giving it your all when the mugginess was hitting hard!  We will be getting a BIG FAN, but in the meantime […]


I just wanted to give a shout out to our CFW nation and say thank you to all of you for being understanding about today.  It’s not everyday your sister graduates summa cum laude of all health graduates at Baker College.  And thanks and great job to those of you who made it in here […]


Get comfortable with uncomfortable. A line that gets thrown around a lot these days but is completely true.  If you want to get better and force your body into adaptation, you have to push your limits and get into that uncomfortable zone.  Its kinda like the danger zone, just more uncomfortable, and with no song….. […]


Onward and Upward!! I don’t really have a reason for that post title, and I don’t really have a story to go with it.  Sorry.  I just like to think positive and thought I would give you guys a little gem to keep in your head as you get half-way through a tough workout and […]


FYI We will not be having classes this Friday evening (6-8-2012).  Susie and I are traveling to Owosso to attend my sister’s graduation.  I hope everyone is okay with this, if not please let me know and we will figure something out. [slideshow] SWOD- Deadlift 5×5 @ 85-90%               […]