Let us help YOU! DSC_0098 


Step 1:  Watch this video

Step 2: Schedule a quick Talk & Tour! It’s exactly as it sounds. Talk with a Coach & Tour the facility. No pressure, no sweating, no strings attached! Email info@crossfitworthy.com or complete the form below.

Step 3:  Sign up for the Foundations Program! Our Foundations Program includes 6 personal training sessions, a non-invasive Body Analysis Scan (InBody),  Nutrition Consultation, and a week of group classes for $189.00. Valued at $365.00

We require the Foundations Program for all new to CrossFit!  Each session includes a warm-up, skill instruction/review, strength, workout, stretching/cool down and discussion, lasting 1-hour. Once an athlete has completed the Foundations Program, they can choose to join any group classes Monday through Saturday, or continue with Personal Coaching.

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