We offer Group Classes tailored to both experienced and beginner athletes, Personal Training, Open Gym, Specialty Classes, and much more!

Our Workouts are programmed to be consistent with CrossFit teachings and methodology. Our program is designed to efficiently improve our athletes in the ten recognized categories of fitness: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

CrossFit Group Class Memberships:

  • Daily CrossFit + a 60-Minute Personal Training Session/Month $175.00
  • Daily CrossFit Classes/Month $135.00
    • Semester (4-Months) $525.00
  • 12 Classes/Month $105.00
  • 8 Classes/Month $75.00
  • Teens CrossFit Group (12-17 yo) $75.00

Beginner Programs:

  • Foundations Personal Training $174.00
    • 6 sessions + 1 week of group classes
    • Just you and a coach to work around your schedule and cater to your needs!

Add-On Programs: (must be accompanied with a membership)

  • Open Gym $40.00
    • An additional 30-hours to get in here weekly!
  • Beast/Competitor $64.00
    • Designed for those that want to compete
  • Open Gym + Individualized Programming $69.00
    • To supplement group classes and focus on individual goals.
  • Individualized Programming $125.00
    • Have a home gym or away for awhile? We will create a monthly program specifically to match your needs and goals!
  • Worthy Legends $10.00/class
    • Keeping your independence and out of the nursing home is our goal!
    • MWF at 9:30am

Personal Training: Cancelations require a 12-hour notice.

  • 30-Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session $30.00
    • 10 Sessions $270.00 (save $30)
    • 20 Sessions $510.00 (save $90!)
  • 60-Minute Sessions
    • 1 Session $50.00
    • 10 Sessions $450.00 (save $50)
    • 20 Sessions $850.00 (save $150!)

Dropping-In from another CrossFit gym? No problem! We’d love to have you! Schedule and pay ahead of time with convenient scheduling through ZenPlanner! Please contact us to let us know you’re coming; looking forward to having you!

Payment Methods: ACH Preferred, Visa and MasterCard, Cash  & Checks (please make checks payable to Worthy Strength & Conditioning)

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