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Teens (ages 12-18)

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Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 3:30pm.

Here at CrossFit Worthy, Our mission is to build a structurally sound, strong, and well-conditioned athlete. Movement quality is our number one priority and lays the foundation to higher level skill movement, strength, power, and athletic performance.


Our CrossFit Teens program focuses on:

  • Building healthy and well-rounded athletes through functional movements. (Squat, hinge, carry, press, pull, jumping, running, sprinting and pushing)
  • Becoming stronger, more powerful, and faster.
  • Nutrition, mobility, and injury prevention.

Whether you are a middle school/high school athlete looking to increase sports performance, are interested in competing in CrossFit, or simply want to get in better shape, CrossFit Worthy has you covered!

Typical Teen class layout: (1 hour)

  • Team Warm-Up
  • Strength/Skill: (for instance, backsquat, pull ups, learning to do handstands, etc.)
  • Workout (something fast paced and fun!)
  • Cool down/Recovery/Mobility

No  contracts, no sign up fees, just $75 per month per athlete!


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