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comfort“It’s the willingness to keep pushing through new challenges, not shrink from them back into your comfort zone, that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.”

-Jen Sincero, Author


Your comfort zone is where you experience no risk, no discomfort, no anxiety, and you’re content doing what you’re doing. When you live in your comfort zone, you are not growing.

If you want to reach your full potential, and continue to develop, you need step outside your comfort zone into your ‘growth zone.’ Do things that scare you by taking on new challenges and experiences. When you voluntarily put yourself in situations that challenge your boundaries, your fears lose power over you.

Stepping outside your comfort zone may make you feel uneasy. If you consistently push yourself out of your warm and cozy comfort zone, you get comfortable being uncomfortable, and it becomes easier to tackle obstacles and try new things. We all felt nervous about attending our first CrossFit class, but look at how much you’ve grown from taking that initial leap.

Commit to doing one thing every month that is outside your comfort zone. It could be entering your first CrossFit competition, speaking in front of a group, or attending a social event that you typically shy away from. Break out of your mold and find out what awaits you on the other side.

Comment below the “one thing” you’re going to do to get outside of your comfort zone!

By: Conner Edelbrock

New in July! Let’s get Strong together!

June’s swimming program is winding down (WOW that went by fast!), but we are very excited to announce TWO new specialty programs coming to you in July!!

These classes will start the first week in July and be held at 6:30pm. Therefore, there will be no 6:30pm class for July and beginning of August. We came to this conclusion because 6:30pm is our lowest attended class with an average of 1.8 attendees in the past 30 days.

6-Week POWER HOUR: A Power Lifting (Squat, Bench Press, & Deadlift) based program. This program is aimed at those who enjoy or want to become all around stronger by dedicating full effort towards building muscle mass, moving heavy weights, and moving them quickly! All lift, no conditioning. You will be coached through the use of methods and movements not regularly seen in your normal CrossFit classes to accelerate your strength development! Examples of this will be banded deadlifts, Glute Ham Raises, Unstable Bench Press, and more! Remember, strength is never a weakness!

Price: $153 for 6-Weeks

Time: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 6:30pm beginning July 6th

Coaches: Jeremy Worthington & Jared Bradford


  • Access to a private Facebook group for camaraderie, accountability, and extra information before each session!
  • Exclusive “Power Hour CrossFit Worthy” T-Shirt
  • Get stronger with friends!


6-Week Pull-Up Program: We’ve seen the need for a Body Weight Program or more specifically a “Pull –Up” Program. Most everyone has a goal of doing their first Pull-Up; we’re not guaranteeing you will achieve them with this program, but you will be stronger and a lot closer to that goal. The focus of this program is to dedicate time and effort to developing a strict Pull-Up or Chin-Up, through strengthening the entire shoulder girdle, developing gleno-humeral rhythm, and good old fashion work! If you currently can do a strict Pull-Up or two, that’s great! This program will still help you to add reps or weight to what you are already capable of!

Price: $108 for 6-Weeks

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30pm beginning July 5th

Coaches: Jeremy Worthington & Erich Focht


  • Access to a private Facebook group for constant contact with coaches, accountability with friends.
  • Exclusive articles regarding upper body strength written just for you!
  • Dedicated time to focus on building upper body pulling strength