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A Hands on Approach

We use every single part of our body on a daily basis in CrossFit. With all of that use typically comes soreness and muscle tightness. If your quads are tight, we have foam rollers and the (not-so) beloved… Read More

New in July! Let’s get Strong together!

June’s swimming program is winding down (WOW that went by fast!), but we are very excited to announce TWO new specialty programs coming to you in July!! These classes will start the first week in July and be… Read More


S.M.A.R.T. Goals meeting is tonight at 7:15! Come learn about making S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and how to achieve them! Bring paper to take notes along with specific personal/professional and fitness goals in mind! WARM-UP: 3 Rounds: 5/5 External Rotation… Read More

2013 in review

It’s the very last day in 2013, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to make the memory of this day last a lifetime? Do something bold. Do something new. Let go of… Read More

12.03.2013 [tuesday]

WARM-UP: 3 Rounds: 3 Chin ups, 4/4 S.A.R., 5/5 External Rotation 10 banded Front Squats w/ :03 pause STRENGTH: 5×5 E2M @ 80% 1a.) Front Squat 1b.) Chin ups (partner) WOD: 20 total Rounds every :45 AFAP: A1.)… Read More

11.19.2013 [tuesday]

WARM-UP: 3 ROUNDS: 3 Chin-ups, 4/4 SAR, 5/5 External Rotation 3 ROUNDS: 3 Power Clean, 3 Front Squats SKILL DEVELOPMENT: 8:00 Handstand practice LACTATE POWER (partner): :45 10 Rounds Total: A1.) 3 Clean & Jerk 115/75# AFAP +… Read More

11.05.2013 [tuesday]

Today marks the end of our Paleo Challengers! For those of you who stuck it out for the 30  days: GREAT JOB! We know the first time can be hard at times! But, now that you’ve done if… Read More

10.28.2013 [monday]

Skills:  3 Rounds: 3 Chin ups 4/4 SAR (single arm row) 5/5 External Rotation 3 Rounds: 3 Power Clean 3 Front Squats *using an empty bar Strength: E.2M.O.M for 16:00 1PC + 3 FS (loading weight throughout) (partner)WOD:… Read More

10.09.2013 [wednesday]

Skills & Drills:  30 banded OHS Strength:  5-5-5-5-5                    1a.) OHS                    1b.)  Chin ups (strict) WOD:  3 Rounds x 1:00 Stations… Read More

09.17.2013 [tuesday]

Skills: 5 Rounds: 5 Supine Bar Rows 10 Hand release push ups 15 OHS (w/ pvc) WOD: AMRAP in 10:00 5 Squat Clean Thrusters 95/65# 10 Push Ups 15 weighted abmat sit ups Strength: 1a.) OHS 3-3-3-3-3 (@90%)… Read More