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The Ups & Downs of Floor Press

Why do we Floor Press? Like the bench press, the floor press is a pure upper body movement. When you floor press, you are not able to drive your legs like you can on the bench press. This… Read More

06.14.2013 [friday]

Dynamic Effort Day: EXPLOSIVE: Box Squat Jumps 8×2 (work up to your highest) OLY: Full Lift: Snatch 9×1 E.1/2M.O.M. @ 75% (1 rep every :30) *Power Snatch+hang Snatch (full squat) Clean & Jerk 9×1 E.3/4M.O.M. @ 75% (1… Read More

06.12.2013 [wednesday]

A few pictures from this mornings workout 🙂 Enjoy! Max-Effort Lift: 20:00 Push Press warm-up: 10@bar, 8-10@40%, 5-10@60% work: 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90% back off: 10@50% Assistant Movement: Floor Press 1×15-20 1xfailure (15-20reps) WOD: 3 Rounds: 6 Chest to… Read More