Omega 3’s

Omega-3’s and Exercise

IMG_0008.jpgInflammation, free radical damage, tissue damage, catabolism of nutrient stores. What do these things have in common? They are what commonly occur when we are active in an intense fitness program (CrossFit). Let’s talk about a great source that can help prevent, reverse and repair these unwanted side effects of exercise.


More specifically, fish oil. It’s one of the more popular supplements in the fitness industry. It’s been proven to reduce inflammation, joint pain, improves heart health, and can also improve the hair, skin, and nails. A number of studies have also shown that fish oil increases the deformability of red-blood cells. This is important in exercise because we need optimal blood flow during bouts of cardio or HIIT to reduce lactic acid build up and maintain oxygen to our working muscles.

There are many different kinds of fish oils from many sources. Krill and Cod is the top source for fish oil because the EPA and DHA are packaged as phospholipids, which can be used by your body immediately. Fish oil can also come in liquid form. It’s generally flavored to taste awesome, but some don’t. The benefit of liquid fish oil is that it is absorbed and digested easily and quickly by the body.

Though studies have mainly focused on the effectiveness of Omega-3’s on RBC deformability, muscle damage, and inflammation, there haven’t been many studies done on the links between Omega-3’s and exercise performance. But, if you add a fish oil supplement, you may see the benefits of reduced inflammation and muscle damage, which in turn may benefit your recovery so you can come in to the gym the next day ready to go again!

By Jared Bradford




MOBILIZE (for a minimum of 30:00) then do some skill work 🙂

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