Better Performance in 5-Minutes!

The basic principle behind doing a dynamic range of motion warm-up is to prep your body for movement by elevating your heart rate and improving circulation, thereby increasing blood flow and “warming up” your working muscles. Warming up properly will lead to a better performance once the real work begins. Above all, injury prevention is […]


REST DAY!!!! [slideshow] Don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful day! 🙂


[slideshow] THIS IS MAX WEEK (we will be finding new 1RM’s) SO MOBILIZE, EAT RIGHT, AND SLEEP ENOUGH!! GET HERE EARLY!!! WARM-UP: BACK SQUAT–Hit a set every 1:30: 10 @ 30% 8 @ 40% 6 @ 50% 4 @ 60% 2 @ 70% STRENGTH: 15:00 to find a 1RM BACK SQUAT Back off set: 10 […]