Chocolate Milk

Why Runners are Obsessed with Chocolate Milk  (How Runners make the Post-Workout Simpler) Heart pounding, legs burning, a runner reaches the final stretch of his race. With an all out burst of speed he crosses the finish line. His legs are rubbery as he stumbles to the scoring table and then off to a cooler […]


Music has become essential to our enjoyment at the gym. Research has shown that music will influence performance in several ways. First, people will naturally follow tempo, which is the principle of entrainment or synchronization. We tend to run, bike, or row to the dominate beat of the music. A faster beat will often lead […]

Run the day or it'll run you!

THE SECRET TO DAILY PRODUCTIVITY  “Either run the day or the day runs you.” Productivity is making progress in areas of your life that are important. One productivity strategy that is simple and works is: Do the most important thing first. Sometimes our to-do list is never ending. Dealing with this challenge starts by defining the […]


13.4 is here!!! We will be killing it today!! WOD-  AMRP in 12 minutes: 3 Clean & Jerk 135/95# (C&J) 3 Toes to bar (T2B) 6 C&J 6 T2B 9 C&J 9 T2B … and so on *Increase by 3 reps each round!  We will NOT be open on Saturday for Easter weekend. You will […]


SWOD: 15 minutes to find a max rep Push Press WOD: 4 Rounds for time: 10 Slam Balls 12 Double Unders OR 50 Singles —-REST for 3 minutes—- 4 Rounds for time: 10 Slam Balls 12 Double Unders OR 50 Singles Bonus- Midline- 3×10 GHD Hip Extentsions  


For those of you who missed yesterday and haven’t been in today—- Take off your pink panties and get in here!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 SWOD-  3 Max Reps of Chin-Ups!   WOD-  6 Rounds: 60yd Shuttle Sprint 10 Abmat Sit Ups 1 Minute Rest   *Bonus: 3×10 Heavy Side Bends    **Reminder- We are OPEN Saturday (9:30am […]