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Tag: Wall Ball


Have signed up for the CMU Snapshot Scramble?? If not, ITS NOT TOO LATE!!! You have until Sunday at 5pm to register and turn in your teams payment!!! Not sure what I am talking about? Look it up!!… Read More


WARM-UP: 5:00 AMRAP 5 DB Press 10 Bar Rows 15 Squats STRENGTH: 2:00 test out / 4:00 Rest 1.) Handstand Push Ups 2.) Strict Pull Ups WOD: 10:00 running clock: 3 Rounds: 10 Hand release Push ups 5… Read More


It’s a VERY special day here at CFW!! Today marks our 2 year Anniversary!! I cannot believe 2 years have gone by since we first opened our doors and started this awesome crazy journey!!! Here are some pictures… Read More


WARM-UP: 5 ROUNDS: 5 Good Mornings 5 Deadlift 5 Sit ups 5 Mountain Climbers STRENGTH: 10:00 to work up to a heavy (only if form allows) 5RM Romanian Deadlift (RDL) pace:5010 WOD: AMRAP in 7:00 A1: 20 Thrusters… Read More


There is quite a bit of space on the “2014 GOALS” board! Please write up your goals so we can hang this to remind everyone what they’re working towards!:) WARM-UP: 5 Rounds: 5 Good Mornings 5 Dead Lifts… Read More


WARM-UP: *Shoulder PRE-hab work *3 Rounds: 3 HHPSn (High Hang Power Snatch) 3 HPSn (Hang Power Snatch) 3 PSn (Power Snatch) 3 OHS (Overhead Squat) STRENGTH: 10:00 to hit a heavy 3-position Power Snatch High Hang, Hang, Low… Read More

09.04.2013 [wednesday]

Skills & Drills: 30/20/30 3 Rounds of Cindy (3partner) WOD: AMRAP in 10:00 A1: 200m Run (pace) A2: Kettle Bell Swings (score) A3: Wall Ball (score) OLY: Snatch 9×1 O.T.M at 75% (picture extravaganza coming later in the… Read More

07.23.2013 [tuesday]

Take 20:00 for extra mobilizing Skills & Drills:  30/20/30 Snatch skills WOD: At the beginning of each round complete 8 Burpees. All other movements decrease 1 per round; starting at 10 reps. 8 Burpees 10 Power Snatch (PSn)… Read More