jamie-harmonI saw this testimonial page when I first started at CrossFit Worthy and I wanted to wait a few months and see what my experience had been those three months. Well those three months have come and gone by SO FAST! I have never felt good about my body, no matter what size I was or have been I just never felt good about it. I attended a local gym for almost four years and did numerous body challenges that included me killing myself in the gym nine (yes I said nine) times a week, including personal training session and workouts on my own at home as well. I got down to 158lbs and I was HUNGRY! The food I ate at that time was so repetitive and I was always too scared to go out of my comfort area. On top of a constant getting on the scale an seeing where I was every single morning was getting tiresome.
When I started my On-Ramp in March I was doing the 7:30pm class on Mon,Wed, and Fri. At that time I still felt as if I needed to go to the other gym as well. One Monday at the other gym I did a lot of work with over head boxes (yes those 12 in boxes were over my head almost an entire class). When I got to CrossFit Worthy that evening for On-Ramp we were doing over head squats and snatches. I burnt out my shoulder so fast during the day that when we go to doing the over head squats I was down to the PVC pipe because I couldn’t take the pain any more. After every time Susie asked me if I was OK and my apologizing I realized I needed to make a big change and decide what I really wanted in my fitness journey. After that Monday of hell I decided no more other gym and definitely no more two a days with the same workouts. I became so strong that first month of On-Ramp that I was hooked. When we did our finale session and the same workout we did the first night I had shaved 3 minutes off my previous time and I knew that I was going to see the progress I have been looking for for four years.
Getting back to my “body issues” in my head I know I am not what the world would consider “fat” but I did/do feel that way sometimes. Always less every day I see my progress. At the other gym I just always felt like the biggest one there because I was. Killing myself day in and day out trying to sweat it out wasn’t doing it. At CrossFit Worthy I immediately felt good about my body because a lot of the girls look like me and have strong legs and real bodies. We eat big deal! We are supposed to eat! One Friday night at the box we were doing our Olympic lifting and I finally wore shorts to the box (I NEVER WEAR SHORTS!) I always thought my thighs and my butt were too big to be in shorts. Well I wore them, and I felt good. I was working on my Max Effort for a 1 rep max in my Snatch and Jeremy comes over and tells me to use my legs! We have are big thigh people and we have strong legs you need to use them! That’s when I really started looking at my thighs a lot different.. I do have strong legs and I love them!
In these three months I now weigh about 168-170lbs and my size 29 jeans still fit me, my medium size dress still fit me, and my small shirts still fit me (getting a little tight in the arms if it’s a t-shirt but hey I’ll show off these guns ;-) ) All in all Crossfit Worthy is so much more then just a place to workout. I have found a new me here and have made amazing friends. Everyone is so positive and I need that support around me. I feel great about my body now and I wear those spandex shorts now with a smile on my face because after seeing pictures with me in them I don’t look half bad.
Drinking the Kool-Aid isn’t a bad thing at all because the more passionate you are the more you are going to see the results. Work hard and reap the benefits! :-)

Jamie Harmon 26yr old Female :-)

Jamie Harmon