jessy“I walked into CrossFit Worthy not knowing what it was; not knowing that workouts or gyms like this ever existed. During my summer internship at Central Michigan University I was looking for businesses that wished to advertise in CMU’s planner and campus directory. Upon visits for finalizing the advertisement I talked to Jeremy more and more about fitness along with what CrossFit and CrossFit Worthy represented. I have never seen a gym owner more passionate and sincere about loving and believing in the gym he stands in. Jeremy mentioned that the gym offered a free first visit so I agreed that I’d show up one day for it. I was hooked within the first week, if not the first day. What I like about CrossFit is you get your workout in and you’re done for the day.  The moment I walked in the door, from my first workout to my last, Jeremy was motivational and educated about CrossFit. I told myself that as a gift to myself, I’d do CrossFit for the remaining time left of my summer internship. During my six weeks there, my once perfectly fitting dress pants were loose around the waist, I saw more definition in my muscle tone and I felt great. This isn’t a gimmick, I am a real girl, I’ve ran cross country, track, competed in half marathons and full, went for long lengths of time on cardio machines and workout DVDs. However CrossFit is a whole new level. Not only do you find strength, but also you find self worth and claim a new respect for yourself and your body. Jeremy makes sure of it and so does Susie. They’ve always greeted me with a smile, made conversation, and most of all have taken time to work with me on improving during workouts. At this gym you’re not sitting on a cardio machine for hours on end just zoning out. You get involved and encouraged. The best support team ever is found here, not only with Jeremy and Susie, but also with the community that is found there. Everyone talks to everyone, they cheer each other on, recognize accomplishments and make CrossFit Worthy a place where it’s hard to miss a day without having withdrawals because you’ll love it that much. My only reason for leaving this gym is because I relocated after graduation, however, this is the gym that makes me wish teleporting existed.”
Jesselyn Zbytowski, CMU Graduate, Entrepreneur/Photographer

Jesselyn Zybtowski