paula-starring“My decision to try CrossFit was completely intentional. For most of my life, I had been an athlete, however I was never fortunate enough to lean out. At 24, I was exhausted from multiple years of desperately trying to lose weight and excessively exercising to become my “ideal size/ weight”. When I decided to try CrossFit, I decided to work on doing a real lifestyle change; I wanted to learn how to trust myself with food again and find a way that would allow me to be healthy without having to exercise for multiple hours a day. Throughout my time at Worthy, I have received the encouragement and support to live the life I have always wanted. Instead of spending my time beating myself up emotionally, I am proving to myself that anything is possible. That is one of the things that I love about the program; everyday you have the opportunity to prove to yourself you can do something you thought was impossible. Through my dedication, the CFW community and Jeremy, I have: ran my first race ever (a half marathon), increased my weight lifting load, improved my endurance,  participated in a 2 day competition, completed an unassisted pull-up, and most importantly gained self-pride. Also, I have been able to meet more of my aesthetic goals from my few months of CrossFit than I was ever able to accomplish in my other attempts. I am finding that my clothing is always loose and I am receiving compliments on my muscle definition. Now, instead of focusing on negative aspects of myself, I focus on what I am able to accomplish.  The relationship I have gained though this process with Jeremy and Susie has been key to my success. They are such genuine caring people who truly want to help people reach their goals. From other boxes I have visited, I can say with confidence this is an outstanding place to train. One of the aspects I most respect about CFW is the intentional programming that is implemented. Jeremy provides a safe and challenging environment; he is always checking your technique/form, evaluating current performances, and researching if clients could benefit from any other activities. There has never been a time where I have felt unsafe or not able to voice my concern. For me, CrossFit is one of the reasons I get up in the morning, I can’t wait to go, I miss it when I am away and think about it when I am not there. CrossFit is unlike anything else I have experienced in my life; it is my lifestyle, part of my self-identity, it makes up my support group and friends, and gives me pride. CFW has enhanced my life and I am forever thankful to all the people there to helping me be where I am today.” Paula, 25

Paula Starring