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Nutrition Services & Packages

Nutrition is the largest component to good health, performance, and weight loss. Let us help you change your life!


  • On-Going Coaching: $55/Month
    • One in person 30 minute follow up visit
    • One check in half way through the month (via text, call, or email)
    • Assess progress and revisit goals
    • Review food logs
    • InBody Composition Analysis
    • Measurements and progress pictures

The InBody Composition Analysis:


An Easy, quick, and precise way to determine your body composition and track changes. The InBody measures your fat, muscle, and water levels using bioeletrical impedance analysis. InBody is approximately 98% accurate when compared against DEXA. Each InBody test will provide you will a full page result sheet, detailing weight, skeletal muscle mass, and percent body fat. A trained InBody Specialist will interpret your results. We recommend retesting every 3 months which will give a visual history of tracking your progress.

*People with implanted defibrillators and Pacemakers should not be tested. It is not recommended for pregnant women, due to inaccuracy of results.

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