WHY CrossFit Worthy?

  • Only CrossFit in Mount Pleasant
  • 1-hour classes
  • Inviting & Encouraging Environment
  • All skill levels are welcomed & appreciated
  • Clean & Organized
  • Passionate & Knowledgeable Coaches
  • Professional
  • Great Location on Pickard Street, 1 mile from Mission!
  • Shower available
  • High-tech Performance tracking
  • Thoughtful intelligent workout planning (programming)
  • High end equipment
  • Constantly Coached
  • Focused on helping people reach their fitness & health goals

WHO does CrossFit Worthy?

  • Our youngest is 12 and oldest is 84! If you fit in between those ages, you can do it too!

WHAT is CrossFit?

  • Different workout planned for you everyday
  • Total body workout
  • A mix of weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, into one comprehensive training plan
  • Constantly Coached
  • Supportive & thriving environment
  • All those great things wrapped into 1-hour!

*To truly understand what CrossFit is you have to DO CrossFit.  It’s not just about the combination of Olympic and Power lifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, and plyometrics in the daily WOD (workout of the day), but it is the strong community that really pushes you to the next level to achieve your long and short-term fitness goals.  We are a team at CrossFit Worthy.  We provide you with expert nutrition, strength and conditioning coaching, and you provide the hard work.

Contact us for a ‘Talk & Tour’ to see what we are so passionate about! CrossFit is for everyone, you do not need to be in good shape to start! 

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  1. I just want to thank crossfitworthy for allowing me to workout with them. They were very hospitable and helpful. I will look you guys up next time I am in mount pleasant. Thank you!

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