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Your Mental Game

Your Mental Game Genna Smith and I recently attended a Sport Phycology Seminar, presented by Mike Caruso, Pro-Strongman competitor.  Here are the ‘knowledge nuggets’ from that seminar. The brain is a muscle – if you work this muscle… Read More

09.18.2013 [wednesday]

Competition in Bay City at Survival Fitness this Sunday! If you are interested in going, meet at CFW at 11amon Sunday and you can carpool with us! 🙂 Event starts at 1pm!! Come show your support! Skills: 10… Read More

07.01.2013 [monday]

We went to an Olympic Lifting Seminar over the weekend taught by Doug Chapman; it was amazing! We learned a lot of new “cues” that make the movements much simpler. So today, we are giving those new cues… Read More

06.13.2013 [thursday]

THURSDAY REST/MOBILIZE DAY! A regional competitor and friend of mine, Sheila Barden, wrote this on her Facebook page today, and I thought it was humorous and appropriate to share: “Is it weird that I dread rest days? Thursday… Read More


Crystal Caldwell’s son, Logan, drew this picture. What an impression she is making on her children 🙂  OLY-   Segmented Clean 6×2              Clean 4×2              Behind the… Read More


Are you ready for the plunge? The Polar Plunge is in 5 days!! Do  you have your ‘tight&bright’ picked out? Have you raised money or given your donation to Susie? We jump in at 11:30, therefore, we will… Read More