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REST DAY/MOBILIZE/MAKE UP A MISSED DAY!!! A couple of announcements: Monday 2/10: NEW ON-RAMP STARTS @ 10:30am & 7:30pm! Sign up now! Saturday 2/15: Special Olympics Polar Plunge (please get donations together and lets go make a splash!)… Read More


REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Monday Everyone!! Start your week with a positive attitude and drive for strength in all areas in your life! Today we start a new On-Ramp program, a new 12pm class, and a class designated for Middle and… Read More

06.14.2013 [friday]

Dynamic Effort Day: EXPLOSIVE: Box Squat Jumps 8×2 (work up to your highest) OLY: Full Lift: Snatch 9×1 E.1/2M.O.M. @ 75% (1 rep every :30) *Power Snatch+hang Snatch (full squat) Clean & Jerk 9×1 E.3/4M.O.M. @ 75% (1… Read More

5.16.2013 [thursday]

REST Erica PR’d on her back squat & on rampers rowing, push press, knees to elbows/tucks, & hand stand push ups!