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Tag: shoulder mobility

Crossover Symmetry

What do your cell phone, laptop, notebooks, and textbooks have in common? They’re all killers—killers of good posture. Hunching over to text, tweet, and take notes, rounds your shoulders forward. Your shoulder blade, the scapula, follows suit by… Read More

08.21.2013 [wednesday]

Skills & Drills: 20/20/20 Max-Effort Lift: Press [strict] warm up: 10@bar, 8-10@45%, 5-10@65% work: 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% back off: 10@50-60% Assistant Movement: Weighted Push Ups 1x close to failure 1x failure WOD: EMOM 10:00 Odd: 5 Push Jerk… Read More