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Tag: skill transfer

08.13.2013 [tuesday]

Skills & Drills: Banded Squats 1×10 :05 pause at bottom Snatch Skill Transfer OLY: Snatch 6×2 @ 60% WOD: AMRAP in 10:00 25m Overhead walking Lunge 50m Sprint REST 5:00 AMRAP in 5:00 5 Pull ups (strict) 10… Read More

07.16.2013 [tuesday]

WE LOVE SQUATS! Skills&Drills: Snatch movement skills & skill transfer WOD 1: “Light Isabel” for time: 30 Snatches @ 45% This is a technique oriented workout. It should be light & every rep you should be searching for… Read More

07.12.2013 [friday]

Today is a great day! Why you ask?: because this morning at 2:38am a sweet baby boy was born! That sweet baby boy is our newest nephew; Grayson James Bliss! He is 7 pounds 7ounces and 19 3/4… Read More

07.03.2013 [wednesday]

Yesterday we re-learned the Snatch: Skills & Drills: Jerk movement skill skill transfer exercise Posterior Chain Development: 12:00 1RM Jerk Assistant Movement: HSPU 3x max reps Pulling Superset: 3 Rounds: 8 Pendlay Row 12 Banded face pulls 16… Read More

07.02.2013 [tuesday]

Skills & Drills: Snatch movement skills Snatch skill transfer P1, P2, P3 Posterior Chain Development: 12:00 to find a 1RM Snatch WOD: NOT for time: 1 mile run 30 T2B 30 Partner Back Extensions JUNE ON-RAMP GRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You… Read More